2002 Awards

Winners and Finalists 2002

Book of the Year
The Plight of the Penguin, Lloyd Spencer Davis (Longacre Press).

Children's Choice
Grandpa's Shorts, Joy Watson and Wendy Hodder (Scholastic New Zealand)

Best First Book
Brodie, Chris Mousdale - illustrator (Scholastic New Zealand)

Senior Fiction
Owl, Joanna Orwin (Longacre Press)

Junior Fiction
Recycled, Sandy McKay (Longacre Press)

Picture Book
Brodie, Joy Cowley and Chris Mousdale (Scholastic New Zealand).

Non Fiction
The Plight of the Penguin, Lloyd Spencer Davis (Longacre Press)


  • Kalick, Jack Lasenby (Longacre Press)
  • Jolt, Bernard Beckett (Longacre Press)
  • Tiggie Thompson All at Sea, Tessa Duder (Penguin)
  • Owl, Joanna Orwin (Longacre Press)
  • Return to One Foot Island, Graeme Lay (Penguin)
  • Recycled, Sandy McKay (Longacre Press)
  • Ambushed, Fleur Beale (Scholastic New Zealand)
  • Knocked for Six, Alison Robertson (Scholastic New Zealand)
  • The Riddle of the Frozen Phantom, Margaret Mahy (Collins)
  • The Weathermakers, Shirley Corlett (Scholastic New Zealand)
  • Scarface Claw, Lynley Dodd (Mallinson Rendel)
  • Grandpa's Shorts, Joy Watson & Wendy Hodder (Scholastic New Zealand)
  • Brodie, Joy Cowley & Chris Mousdale (Scholastic New Zealand)
  • Tom Thumb, Gavin Bishop (Random House)
  • The Last Whale/ Te Tohora Whakamutanga, Renee Hapimarika van de Weert & Anton Petrov (Reed Publishing)
  • Which New Zealand Bird, Andrew Crowe & Dave Gunson (Penguin)
  • Fibonacci's Cows, Ray Galvin (Shortland Publishers)
  • The Plight of the Penguin, Lloyd Spencer Davis (Longacre Press)
  • The Reed Maori Picture Dictionary, Margaret Sinclair, Ross Calman & Dale Tutill (Reed Publishing)
  • I am a Spider, Dr Simon Pollard (Reed Publishing)