The Book Review Schedule - June 2011

The following books are scheduled for review on the Nine to Noon Show, Radio New Zealand National, weekday mornings at about 10.35am. The book reviews on this show are facilitated by Booksellers NZ.

Contact Fiona Stewart (04 815 8365) at Booksellers NZ for more information on how to submit a title.

Books for review are independently selected and assigned to reviewers by the Nine to Noon team, and may be submitted by any New Zealand Publisher directly to Booksellers New Zealand with the submission forms attached..

Publishers have advised that all books listed in the month below are expected to be in bookstores by the date of review. Booksellers NZ makes every effort to ensure details are correct. Review dates may, however, be subject to change.

After the live broadcast, podcasts of the reviews below are available from the Radio NZ website, by clicking on each book title below, care of Radio NZ National (

 1 JUN Smut
Alan Bennett
Faber Fiction $29.99
Phil Smith
2 JUN The Beekeeper's Lament
Hannah Nordhaus
HarperCollins  $29.99
Rae McGregor
3 JUN   Children's Book Review John McInytre
6 JUN   ** Queen's Birthday **  
7 JUN The Hill of Wool               Jenny Bornholdt                  Victoria University Press $25.00       9780864736529 Harry Ricketts
8 JUN The Importance of Being Seven
Alexander McCall Smith
Hachette/Abacus $29.99
 Michele A'Court
9 JUN Last Man in Tower
Aravind Adiga
Atlantic $39.99
Ralph McAllister
10 JUN The Last Minute
Jeff Abbott
Sphere $39.99
Quentin Johnson
13 JUN The Smell of Summer Grass
Adam Nicolson
Fourth Estate $54.99
Graham Beattie
 14 JUN  

The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress                              Beryl Bainbridge                   Little, Brown $39.99  9781408701492

Carole Beu
 15 JUN River of Smoke
Amitav Ghosh
John Murray $.39.99
Tina Shaw
 16 JUN

A Simple Nullity? The Wi Parata Case in New Zealand Law and History

David V Williams
Auckland University Press  $49.99

Paul Diamond
17 JUN   Children's Book Review John McIntyre
20 JUN Lost in Shangri-la
Mitchell Zuckoff
Fourth Estate $34.99
Don Rood
21 JUN The Larnachs
Owen Marshall
Vintage $39.99
Julia Millen
22 JUN The Garden in the Clouds Antony Woodward               Fourth Estate $28.99 9780007216529 Gail Pittaway
23 JUN The West Rand Jive Cats Boxing Club
Lauren Liebenberg
Virago $36.99
Anne Else

 24 JUN

Does the Noise in my Head Bother You?
Steven Tyler
HarperCollins $39.99
Sonja de Freiz
27 JUN Gillespie and I
Jane Harris
Faber Fiction  $39.99
Kate Blackhurst
28 JUN The Reading Promise
Alice Ozma
Hodder & Stoughton $34.99
Louise O'Brien
29 JUN

Carthage Must be Destroyed
Richard Miles
Penguin pb $32.00

Quentin Johnson
30 JUN Far to Go
Alison Pick
Headline $36.99
Gina Rogers