The Book Review Schedule - February 2014

The following books are scheduled for review on the Nine to Noon Show, Radio New Zealand National, weekday mornings at about 10.35am. The book reviews on this show are facilitated by Booksellers NZ.

Contact Fiona Stewart (04 815 8365) at Booksellers NZ for more information on how to submit a title. 

Books for review are independently selected and assigned to reviewers by the Nine to Noon team, and may be submitted by any New Zealand Publisher directly to Booksellers New Zealand with the submission forms attached..

Publishers have advised that all books listed in the month below are expected to be in bookstores by the date of review. Booksellers NZ makes every effort to ensure details are correct. Review dates may, however, be subject to change.

The printable list can be found here

After the live broadcast, podcasts of the reviews below are available from the Radio NZ website, by clicking on each book title below, care of Radio NZ National (

3 Feb  

The National Theatre Story
Daniel Rosenthal
Oberon Books Ltd $100

Ralph McAllister
4 Feb   The Sisters Brothers
Patrick deWitt
Quentin Johnson
5 Feb

For Today I am a Boy
Kim Fu
Random House/Vintage $39.99

Lisa Finucane
6 Feb   Waitangi Day  
7 Feb   Children's Book Review John McIntyre
10 Feb   Winter's Tale
Mark Helprin
Macmillan/Picador $24.99
Rae McGregor
11 Feb The Imposter Syndrome
Harold Hillman
Random House $29.99
Lance Wiggs
12 Feb Kerikeri Mission and Kororipo Pa: An Entwined History
Angela Middleton
Otago University Press $29.95
Paul Diamond
13 Feb

Stay Alive
Simon Kernick
Random House/Century $37.99

Gyles Beckford
14 Feb Carthage
Joyce Carol Oates
HarperCollins/4th Estate $34.99
Louise O'Brien
17 Feb

The Road to Middlemarch
Rebecca Mead
Text $40.00

Anne Else
18 Feb Ripper
Isabel Allende
HarperCollins/4th Estate $34.99
Harry Ricketts
19 Feb The Bright Side of My Condition
Charlotte Randall
Penguin $30.00
Elisabeth Easther
20 Feb The Voyagers
Paul Moon
Penguin $40
Don Rood
21 Feb   Children's Book Review John McIntyre
24 Feb Still Life with Breadcrumbs
Anna Quindlen
Random House/Hutchinson $36.99
Carole Beu
25 Feb

The Days of Anna Madrigal
Armistead Maupiri
Random House/Doubleday $37.99

David Hill
26 Feb The News: A User's Manual
Alain de Botton
Penguin/Hamish Hamilton $37.00
John King
27 Feb The Farm
Tom Rob Smith
Penguin/Simon & Schuster $37.00
Gail Pittaway
28 Feb   Unity Books' Review Tilly Lloyd