The Jane Austen Symposium, Wellington, 8 April 2017

Guest speakers include New Zealand award winning author Sarah Laing and fashion historian The Dreamstress, Leimomi Oakes.
Ticket includes: morning/afternoon tea and a regency lunch
Date: Saturday 8 April, all day, at the Thistle Inn. 
Ticket $195
View updates and speaker profiles on our website. Posts include:
Leimomi Oakes - Apparatus of Happiness 
Anthony Tedeschi – Lover of books (official title tbc)
David Norton (FRSNZ, Emeritus Professor of English, Victoria University of Wellington)
Sarah Laing (award winning NZ writer, author of Mansfield and Me)
Leimomi Oakes (fashion and textile historian and university lecturer, aka The Dreamstress)
Anthony Tedeschi (Curator of Rare Books and Fine Printing, Alexander Turnbull Library)