Five Minutes Alone, by Paul Cleave

Someone is helping rape victims exact revenge on their attackers, prompting an edge-of-your-seat, 
cat-and-mouse chase between old friends, detectives Theodore Tate and Carl Schroder.
Carl Schroder and Theodore Tate, labelled ‘The Coma Cops’ by the media, are finally getting their lives back into shape. Tate has returned to the police force and is grateful to be back at home with his wife, Bridget. For Schroder, things are neither good nor bad. The bullet lodged in his head from a shooting six months ago hasn't killed him, but, almost as deadly, it's switched off his emotions.

Indie initiatives - a worldwide view

In the fraught world of selling actual books in actual shops, it’s nice to know that right now, all over the planet, highly intelligent people are on your side. And they’re out there coming up with clever ways to get punters to realise that it’s way cooler to stroll down to your local bookshop than surf the internet with your credit card.
Here are some ideas from around the world that direct global consciousness towards the wonders of the humble bookshop.
Super Thursday and Books Are My Bag

Booksellers raise Amazon monopoly concerns with European Commission

A meeting this week was part of a push by booksellers and authors to curb Amazon's power
Loek Essers (IDG News Service) on 03 October, 2014  Booksellers have met with European Commission officials to discuss their concerns that Amazon holds a monopoly in the online book market.
The booksellers urged the Commission to make sure that consumers will have a rich and diversified online book

Online sales final page for independent bookshop

Talia Shadwell – The owners of another independent Wellington bookshop closing its doors say the might of online juggernaut Amazon and its peers spelt the final chapter.

Capital Books will close at the end of next month after 18 years of trading.
Owners Tim and Glenda Skinner said the impact of offshore book buying and the growth of the ebook industry were the most significant reasons for their decision.

New Zealand booksellers support international action against Amazon.

The association of New Zealand booksellers strongly backs the European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF) as they join the battle against online retailer Amazon.
Booksellers NZ is a member of the EIBF, which yesterday announced support for the German Publishers and Booksellers Federation, which has filed an official complaint against Amazon with the German Federal Antitrust Authority.

Pages & Pages Named Independent Bookshop of the Year and recipient of the Book Industry Innovation Award, Australia

The 14th Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs) were announced in Sydney on Friday in front of Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Minister for the Arts George Brandis with Pages & Pages Booksellers being named Independent Book Retailer of the Year. The award was shared with iconic Melbourne bookshop Readings with a judging panel of experts from  across the book industry unable to split the two bookshops.

It's reading, Jim, but not as we know it: Science Fiction in New Zealand

New Zealand has a long history of science fiction publishing for a young country, with books receiving both national and international critical attention. Anno Domini 2000, or, Woman’s Destiny, the book widely accepted to be this country’s first science fiction novel, was written in 1889 by former Prime Minister Julius Vogel.

Strongly positive tone at Wi9

Can we? Of course we can. What? Follow America in turning around book sales in New Zealand and see them grow rather than decline.

That’s the big message I came away with from attending the American Booksellers Association 9th annual Winter Institute, held this year in Seattle, WA.  On occasions it was a bit tough to keep positive, in particular when Jonathon Noel from Nielsen in the UK presented a chart that showed that book sales in New Zealand in 2013 were down 19.3%.