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Once upon a time in a Whangarei land, there lived a magical children’s store called...
STORYTIME began in 1982, the vision of five young mothers keen to access the best resources for the children of our community. They wanted to make a difference, not only with the children’s resources they sourced and stocked, but also with the inclusive way they did business. Since then the store has grown and evolved with the avid support of their community.
People come here to browse and buy what they consider to be some of the best children’s books and toys available. They also come to discuss children’s literature, children and parenting, and education in our society and culture. There survival and development has been due to there commitment to being that community centre, to embracing the wishes of our clients, for a children’s store that they have helped create.
Knowledgeable staff whose key interest is children and their needs has been integral to our success, as has a fresh and whimsical display of the stock we carry. Special orders are a feature of their service, and they are meticulous about there follow-through. They thrive on discovering resources that stand the test of time.
There products are intended to act as springboards for children’s development, helping them to think and express themselves with confidence and integrity; and reflect on, explore and care for the world around them. In today’s fast-changing, fragile world, these skills are essential. They need caring, thoughtful and creative people – in business, in the arts, in medicine and science, in education and in government. The way we raise our children, and the emphasis we place on their full development is what helps those caring, thoughtful and creative people grow. So they stock books that are thoughtfully written, designed and illustrated and toys that offer high educational play value. They are lots of fun, they’re designed to last, and above all they are meant to be shared and enjoyed!
“They hope that their efforts will always enhance and enrich
- the growth, development and learning…
- the dancing and the dreaming
- the singing and the swinging
- the reading and the rousing
- the laughing, living and loving of the children in our world.”
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34 Porowini Avenue
Whangarei 0110
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09 438 4406
09 438 4406