Kobo for booksellers

On this page you will find a variety of tools for training purposes. The documents detail the unique selling points of Kobo devices and also contain helpful comparisons to other eReaders, including the Kindle. This information will help you effectively retail Kobo devices to a range of customers.  

The following resources will be added to and updated frequently.  Please check back for updates.

Devices Images and Specs
Kobo device images and specs (opens to PDF)

Display Fixtures
Here are the two display fixtures we have asked stores to choose from:
1.    One is a small counter top fixture. See an image of the small fixture.
2.    One is a free standing unit that can easily be accommodated into a range of stores.  See an image of the large fixture.

We do recommend actively selling the accessories at the point of purchase. It is often quite simple to sell a cover for a Kobo device in the same purchase. Get your staff in to the habit of offering the covers to customers when they are shopping for devices. Each store should be expecting to sell a cover with approx 80% of devices sold.

Retail Tools for Booksellers
Webinar/Skype Training Sessions: more information coming shortly.

Bookseller Training Videos
These videos function as great dummies guides. They take you through everything from opening the box to charging up the device for the first time. A good resource for the complete luddite.

Getting help with Kobo
Kobo has a customer care team who can help with any questions you might have - Booksellers NZ members can contact them on

Kobo Mini Unboxing...

Kobo Glo Unboxing...

Three-way comparison of Kobo Touch, Kobo Glo, and Kobo Mini

Product Information
These documents have been prepared by Kobo and contain all your need to know information to train staff on how to sell Kobo devices.

The word documents break the info on the Glo and Mini down into 3-5 key points.

Kobo Mini retail selling points (opens to Word)
Kobo Glo retail selling points (opens to Word)

The PowerPoint documents are large and comprehensive product guides with great images. We recommend printing these out and having permanently available for staff to study up on.

Kobo Mini Retail Aid for Booksellers (opens to PowerPoint) (source: Kobo)
Kobo Glo Retail Aid for Booksellers (opens to PowerPoint) (source: Kobo)

Extra Tools
We have also included a multi device brochure and posters for the Kobo Glo and Mini which you can choose to print out and display in store and also give to your customers.

General cross device brochure on Kobo (opens to PDF)
Kobo Mini Colour Poster
(opens to PDF - huge file)
Kobo Glo Colour Poster
(opens to PDF - huge file)
Mini and Glo demo mode and set up instructions
(opens to PowerPoint)

Kobo Returns Process
DOA Period (within 30 Days of purchase)

Customer returns device to place of purchase
Place of purchase replaces faulty device for customer
Place of purchase requests RA from Synnex for full credit

Warranty Period (outside 30 Days of purchase)

Customer contacts Kobo Customer Care on 00-800-3322-3344
Kobo assess customer unit for fault
Kobo issues an RMA for faulty unit to Customer
Customer mails unit to Kobo
Kobo replaces unit with 4 days via post

Hot fiction, travel and cookbooks on publishers' plates this year

In our piece a couple of weeks ago, we previewed some great titles from our publishers due out in 2015. And we left the door open for more publishers to give us their top five titles for the year; boy have they delivered!

Figures back up the soaring spirits of the season

There is no getting away from it, 2014 has seen the oft-quoted “resilience” of New Zealand’s book industry being severely tested. We have seen further contraction within the publishing sector and a number of prominent bookshops have closed.
Booksellers NZ itself has seen a number of its activities curtailed – especially in event management of key industry promotions, the New Zealand Book Awards, the Awards for Children and Young Adults, and New Zealand Book Month.

Westpac has released their NZ Retail Sales review

Westpac provide us with valuable benefits for our member bookstores.

Please find attached and below a copy of Senior Economist Felix Delbrücks' "NZ Retail Sales" review. Key points covered are:

Westpac has released their NZ Retail Sales review

Westpac provide us with valuable benefits for our member bookstores.

Please find attached and below a copy of Senior Economist Felix Delbrücks' "NZ Retail Sales" review. Key points covered are:

Indie initiatives - a worldwide view

In the fraught world of selling actual books in actual shops, it’s nice to know that right now, all over the planet, highly intelligent people are on your side. And they’re out there coming up with clever ways to get punters to realise that it’s way cooler to stroll down to your local bookshop than surf the internet with your credit card.
Here are some ideas from around the world that direct global consciousness towards the wonders of the humble bookshop.
Super Thursday and Books Are My Bag

Booksellers raise Amazon monopoly concerns with European Commission

A meeting this week was part of a push by booksellers and authors to curb Amazon's power
Loek Essers (IDG News Service) on 03 October, 2014  Booksellers have met with European Commission officials to discuss their concerns that Amazon holds a monopoly in the online book market.
The booksellers urged the Commission to make sure that consumers will have a rich and diversified online book

Announcing the birth of a new publisher - Earth's End Publishing

Earth's End Publishing arose from a desire to see New Zealand comics and cartoonists achieve more prominence in their own country.

Local comics are often restricted in outreach, with sales limited to friends and acquaintances due to a lack of resources and experience in dealing with the book trade, or retail in general.

What the NZSA’s new CEO does in the shadows

Jackie Dennis has had a long and varied career in the creative arts, first as a music publisher representing songwriters and then as  a film and television producer. And prior to taking on the role of CEO at the New Zealand Society of Authors, she was the Music Supervisor for Taiki Waititi’s smash hit What We Do in the Shadows filmed right here in Vellington.

Paper Plus South City wins cash prize in Australasian Lonely Planet Competition

Maybe it was the maneki-neko that did it? The Maneki-neko or Good Luck cat waves its golden paw from the centre of this award-winning display at Paper Plus South City.