Booksellers Board

Changes to the Board of Booksellers NZ

The Booksellers NZ AGM was held on Sunday 3 July, and saw two significant changes to the composition of the Booksellers NZ Board.

Board members Juliet Blyth and Rochelle Handley had reached the end of their two-year rotation, and required re-election; two further booksellers applied for the vacant position in the Board left by Stella Chrysostomou's resignation due to her resignation from her bookselling position.

Phillippa Duffy talks about her life in books

Phillippa Duffy has been a member of the Booksellers NZ board since 2015. She has been General Manager of Otago University Bookshop since 2012.
Please tell us about your early experiences with reading and books.

Tony Moores from Poppies Group tells us why he is a bookseller

Tony Moores has been a board member (this time) for Booksellers NZ since June 2013, and for Book Tokens Ltd off and on since 2014. He owns Poppies New Plymouth, and a half-share in Poppies Remuera. He is the Franchise Manager for Poppies Group. 
Please tell us about your early experiences with reading and books.
I was a library stalker from an early age, and my grandmother was a great reader with a whole cupboard filled with amazing books by (now mainly forgotten) authors like H Rider Haggard, Desmond Bagley, RM Ballantyne, Hammond Innes, HG boyhood favourite was Coral Island, by RM Ballantyne. 
Did you hold other positions in the book industry before becoming a bookseller?
No, I've pretty much always been a bookseller. I worked as a Store Manager then Area Manager for London Bookshops for 19 years, then as Book Buyer & Business Manager for Paper Plus Group for 10 years, 4 years as National Sales Manager for HarperCollins NZ. I purchased the Poppies Franchise business 6 years ago. I currently own two stores (Poppies New Plymouth, and Poppies Remuera 50% share).