The Booksellers NZ Scholarship has been giving young kiwi booksellers the opportunity to experience bookselling in the USA, and attend the American Booksellers Association's Winter Institute Conference since 2014.

From 2014 - 2018, this was sponsored by Kobo Rakuten. From 2019, the sponsor is Book Tokens Ltd. 

The sponsorship covers travel and accommodation, and also allows the scholars to spend a week working in an American bookshop. 

2019: Pene Whitty and Ruth Bruhin are going to Alberqueque, New Mexico (Announced Thursday 5 July 2018)

2018: Cassie Richards and Tania Gribben are going to Memphis, Tennessee

2017: Courtney Smith and Rochelle Handley went to Minnesota, Minneapolis 

2016: Kiran Dass and Helen Wadsworth went to Denver, Colorado

2015: Matt Bialostocki and Anita Kingston went to Asheville, North Carolina

2014: Jenna Todd and Jared Raines went to Seattle, Washington