This is the home of the Kobo eBook information. Learn more about Kobo eBooks and eReaders, the Kobo Booksellers NZ Scholarship which sends two booksellers from New Zealand to the American Booksellers Associations' Winter Institute each year, find out more about the latest Kobo devices, and train your staff to sell Kobo devices.

About Kobo eReaders and eBooks

Open up to a world of reading with Kobo

Booksellers NZ has partnered with global company Kobo to bring its eReading platform to Independent and Paper Plus bookstores around New Zealand. All BSNZ member bookstores can participate in the Kobo program, and offer their customers eReaders and eBooks from Kobo’s catalog of more than four million titles. BSNZ members share in the revenue on every sale.

Synnex is the exclusive distributor of Kobo eReaders for BSNZ members. For more information about Synnex distribution and available eReader devices and models, bookstores should contact one of the sales representative on 0800 279 6639. Stores that are not currently Synnex customers should contact Synnex on 0800 279 639.

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Promoting eBooks with the FREE Kobo App

Customers can read instantly on their smartphone or tablet and get $5 off their first eBook.

Benefits include adjustable fonts, highlighting, and note-taking. Read between devices without ever losing your place.

$217.55 NZD wholesale

$293.55 NZD wholesale

$379.05 NZD wholesale







Model No.


Kobo Aura H2O (2nd Edition)

6.8" EPD w/ Carta display (1440x1080) & ComfortLight Pro


Black & Black



Kobo Aura ONE

7.8" EPD w/ Carta display
(1872x1404) & ComfortLight Pro


Black & Black



Kobo Aura
(2nd Edition)

6" EPD w/ Carta display
(1024x758) & ComfortLight


Black & Black



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Kobo training page

Your staff can take part in online training to familiarize themselves with the complete Kobo offering.

Head to Discover Kobo to learn everything Kobo has to offer –

Kobo Booksellers Scholarship

The Kobo Booksellers Scholarship has been giving young kiwi booksellers the opportunity to experience bookselling in the USA, and attend the ABAs winter institute since 2014. 

The 2019 Booksellers Scholarship is open for entries Wednesday, 2 May - Monday, 28 May.

2018: Cassie Richards and Tania Gribben are going to Memphis, Tennessee

2017: Courtney Smith and Rochelle Handley went to Minnesota, Minneapolis 

2016: Kiran Dass and Helen Wadsworth went to Denver, Colorado

2015: Matt Bialostocki and Anita Kingston went to Asheville, North Carolina

2014: Jenna Todd and Jared Raines went to Seattle, Washington