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Booksellers NZ loves NZ Book Tokens! The sale of Book Tokens spreads book money around the communities of New Zealand, as well as enabling us to do the good work we do in supporting your bookshops.


We know you want to sell your store-specific tokens as well, which is why we've deliberately given the message in our graphic that our book tokens are for book-lovers who might not be local, but that you can still buy them locally. (and yes, we can adjust the place-names as requested).

So this Christmas, we are asking you to support NZ Book Tokens! We want to give you the opportunity to buy NZ Book Tokens Sale or Return from 22 October through to 1 December, and provide you with the tools and $120 cash to run a Facebook ad campaign supporting Book Tokens. We’ll also give everybody who signs up $100 towards your staff morning tea celebration.

That isn’t quite all. We’ll also be giving everybody who not only follows through with the campaign but provides us with Book Tokens sales data for the Christmas period (Monday, 22 October – Monday, 24 December) before Thursday, 31 January 2019, entry into the big prize draw.

Major prize draw options:

  • $750 towards your Welcome to 2019 staff and customer celebration event
  • Payment for a NZ Illustrator to draw a bespoke window display for your next promotion
  • Payment for a social media workshop for a staff member (or full staff)
  • Payment towards a sit down with a retail designer about your store


Sign up now


The break-down:

You do:

  • Fill out this form by 30 October
  • Order Book Tokens for your Christmas sales period before 1 December
  • (later) Give us your raw Book Token sales data for Christmas period from 30 October, by 31 January 

You get:

  • A one-off payment of $220 credit to your account ($100 for a morning tea, $120 for your promoted post) on receipt of your first Book Tokens order 
  • Instruction sheet on how to create an effective digital promotion + digital asset
  • SOR terms for full books of Book Tokens of all values (while the order period finishes 1 Dec, you will have until 31 January to return unsold books)
  • Entry into the fantastic prize draw detailed above

We get:

  • Nationwide promotion of our Book Tokens
  • Raw Sales data for Book Tokens (collectively) for the Christmas period, plus if you can retrieve it, the sales data for the 2017/18 year - the latter is not compulsory


Sign up now.



Tuesday, 16  - Tuesday, 30 October 2018  
Bookshops to sign up to participate in the Sale or Return programme.

Monday, 22 October - Saturday, 1 December 
All orders during this period to be made online on invoice as is usual

By Thursday, 20 December 
All stores to receive a summary, with serial numbers, of all token books purchased on SOR - this will be how you check your token returns by 31 January 

Thursday, 31 January 2019
Final date for Booksellers NZ to receive unused books of Book Tokens, credit returns and notes received during the week following.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Credit/refund for all returned full books of tokens processed 


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