The 2019 Wallace Foundation Short Fiction Contest open now, with increased prize money

With the amazing support of Sir James Wallace and The Wallace Foundation, Samesame but Different are again running a short fiction writing award. First prize is $1000 cash for the winning story, $500 for the runner up and $500 cash for the best writing from a promising young writer aged under 25. 

This makes it one of the leading short fiction competitions in Aotearoa. That it is only for LGBTQI writers offers an incredible opportunity to upskill and show your writing talent. Short fiction is demanding and we are looking for quality writing.

The Wallace Foundation Short Fiction Contest was first awarded in 2016.  It gives New Zealand LGBTQI writers an opportunity to prove their creative skills and the chance to publish and publicise their work in a safe and supportive environment.

Other than a word limit of 2000 words there are no creative restrictions; excellence is what is being looked for and LGBTQI subject matter may be approached tangentially. Past winners have demonstrated craftmanship and good storytelling. We are not looking for flag waving or sob stories: fiction is about inventiveness, imagination and the power and use of language.  

The word limit is a maximum of 2000 words and should not be exceeded. Stories must exceed 1200 words.

We are hoping to have a well-known international author award the prize during a ceremony held on the weekend of the Auckland Writers Festival.

Our judges, yet to be announced, will have mana in both the writing community and the LGBTQI worlds. They are looking for outstanding sparks of creative brilliance. The judges’ decision is final.

Please state in your covering email if you are eligible for the promising young writer award. All entries will be judged for the overall contest winner.

Entries will close 28 February 2019, with the winners being announced in May 2019 at the time of the Auckland Writers Festival.

Now is your chance to show your writing skill. There is no specified theme for 2019. Go with your heart and share your chosen story. We want to hear your stories.