Bruce Finds a Home, by Kathryn Van Beek

On her way home from school, Kate finds a kitten. She knocks at every door in the street and speaks to all her neighbours . . . but no one can give the kitten a home. What will Kate do? Bruce Finds A Home is based on the true story of Bruce the Cat, who was found on the streets of Auckland, New Zealand, when he was just one day old. At first Bruce was a tiny little creature who had to be bottle-fed around the clock, but now he’s big and strong (and a little bit naughty). His story went global and now he has over 35,000 kindhearted followers from all over the world. Bruce lives with his humans and his “big sister” Jager, who is also a rescue cat. 

Bruce Finds a Home
by Kathryn Van Beek
Published by Mary Egan Publishing
ISBN: 9780473391737
RRP: $20.00
Format: hardback
Size: Picture flat (variable sizes)
Audience age range: 0-5
Distributor in New Zealand: Publishers Distribution Ltd (PDL)