Buy Conference Tickets Now!

Conference will be held at Rydges Hotel in Auckland from 25-26 August. Here is the programme - and here is a little more information.

Our Conference tickets are on sale now. Read the options, then click through below to purchase your ticket. Tickets 1 and 2 are for member booksellers, tickets 3-5 are for publishers, and the Book Industry Awards ticket is for anybody! 

If you aren't yet logged in to the website, please do so now. And when you have filled out the registration form, please don't forget to go to the top right corner of the site and carry on through the 'Cart' process to raise an invoice or pay by credit card.

Ticket 1: Conference + 1 Book Industry Award ticket = $280 + GST ($260 + GST earlybird, by 6 July 2018)

Ticket 2: Conference attendance = $180 +GST for the weekend. ($160 + GST earlybird, by 6 July 2018) Excludes the Book Industry Awards, but includes entrance to Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August

Ticket 3: Business Meeting Day Only Member = $490 + GST (for Associate Members) 

Ticket 4: Business Meeting Day + 1 Book Industry Award ticket = $590 + GST (for Associate Members) 

Ticket 5: Business Meeting Day + 1 Book Industry Award ticket + Sunday Conference Attendance = $720 + GST (for Associate Members) 

Ticket to the Book Industry Awards = $100 + GST

If you are a non-member publisher who wishes to go to Business Meeting Day, and you are a member of PANZ, the rate for the day is $610 + GST. If you are a member of neither PANZ nor BSNZ, the rate for the day is $740 + GST. Please contact June Murugan directly to arrange your space. Her details are:; (04) 815 8361.