Child Power, by Raewyn Dawson

Circa 300 BC: slavers are secretly active around the Black Sea, kidnapping children and forcing them into a life of deprivation and captivity. Sixteen-year-old Melo, a respected Amazon tribal leader in the Plains, is empowering the Tribe’s children within the Peace Way. When Melo’s friend Atalanta is captured and put to work on a pig farm, Melo and her friends must harness all their courage to mount a successful rescue operation. In this enthralling tale of love, adventure and revenge, the children of the cities, the slaves and the tribal young all face the most monumental challenges of their lives as their world is rocked to its core.

Child Power
by Raewyn Dawson
Published by Mary Egan Publishing
ISBN: 9780473435271
RRP: $25.00
Format: paperback
Size: C-format (trade paperback)
Audience age range: YA Fiction 

Distributor in New Zealand: 
Publishers Distribution Limited (PDL). 2/39 Woodside Ave, Northcote, Auckland 0627. Phone: 098282999.