Healthy Kids, Happy Lives - Healthy eating for vibrant and healthy kids, by Lea Stening

Nationwide publicity planned around Food Revolution Day and Healthy Kids book launch

·         Learn how to meet your family’s basic nutritional needs for both growth and energy

·         How to use meal timing to ensure energy is available and sustainable when it is most needed

·         How to match food quantities to children’s needs as they grow

·         Includes shopping guidelines for proper food group selection, label reading and menu planning

·         Includes a ‘starter kit’ of easy and quick-to-prepare recipes

Children need food for energy and for growth. Also, importantly they need certain types and amounts of foods at the right times to build sustainable energy.

Cutting through the confusing and often conflicting advice, this book helps parents to understand the nutritional components needed to build structure into a child’s diet as well as the family’s. It shows how to buy and prepare the right types of foods and includes some easy to prepare recipes that show examples of good nutrition.

Whether your children are young, older or teens, Healthy Kids, Happy Lives shows you how to keep your family’s nutritional needs on track, even as they change over time, and ensure their best mental and physical well-being.

It offers practical help to busy parents, backed by evidence- based research and building on the author’s years of experience.

About the Author
Lea Stening is a registered dietitian with more than 40 years’ experience specialising in paediatrics and sports nutri-tion. She is passionate about helping children improve their physical and mental well-being and performance through better nutrition. Lea currently works in private practice where she offers personal consultations online and provides nutrition seminars to sporting, school, workplace, and community groups. She is a Food Revolution Ambassador for New Zealand. She lives in Christchurch, is married to Paul and has two adult children.

Healthy Kids, Happy Lives: Healthy eating for vibrant and healthy kids 
by Lea Stening
ISBN: 9780473387938
Category:  HEALTH & FITNESS / Children's Health
Format: PB, full colour, 7.5x9.25-in (235x191mm)
Extent: 86 pp
NZ RRP: $25 Publication Date:  May 2017
Publisher: Lea Stening Publishing
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