Lincoln Gould’s Retirement

On Wednesday night booksellers, publishers, friends and associates gathered at Unity Books, Wellington to farewell Lincoln Gould, CEO, from Booksellers NZ and to celebrate his retirement from salaried life.

Lincoln Gould with his Lifetime Membership of Booksellers NZThe speeches from Tony Moores, Kevin Chapman, Peter Biggs, Juliet Blyth and Oren Teicher (CEO of the American Booksellers Association, by video) pointed to Lincoln’s achievements over his time at Booksellers NZ, underlined by his ability to instigate and embrace change, his skill in building relationships across the sector and the many paths the Association has taken which have ensured its rightful role as a leader in the sector.

It was wonderful that colleagues from other parts of Lincoln’s working life could join us to celebrate, as well as many of Lincoln’s former team members from Booksellers NZ including Cherie Donovan, Fiona Stewart, Megan Dunn, Amie Lighthouse, Eamonn Marra and Sarah Forster.

Juliet Blyth, Chair said of Lincoln:

“When I first joined the Booksellers Board a few years ago it was my first foray into governance and I was green, knew nothing about what to do, what to say. It can be a bit daunting and I’d like to thank Lincoln for his guidance, encouragement, and support of me, and of the other new board members over time, as we have found our way in board life.

In working closely together one of the things I’ve most appreciated about Lincoln, aside from his obvious attributes as a CEO, is his ability to tell a good story. Many is the time a board meeting has taken an unexpected turn as we have followed Lincoln down a rabbit hole.

So on behalf of the many Boards of Booksellers NZ during your stewardship of Booksellers NZ, thank you for creating an atmosphere around the board table where every idea is welcome and to be explored, where everyone can freely contribute, and most of all, thanks for making it fun.”

Speeches at Lincoln Gould's retirement party
Peter Biggs warms up the audience. Photo courtesy of John at Unity Books.

Lincoln was presented with a certificate of lifetime membership to Booksellers NZ and on behalf of the members of Booksellers NZ presented with a beautiful piece of pounamu to wear, which was emblematic of his status as Kaumatua in our bookselling community

Thanks to all who attended and for the good wishes from those who couldn’t make it.

Current and former board members of Booksellers NZ with retiring CEO Lincoln Gould
Current and former board members of Booksellers NZ with retiring CEO Lincoln Gould. Photo courtesy of John from Unity Books.

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