Publishing Duo Launch Company

The company launches July 2018 and will offer self-publishing services. It will also publish a small list of hand-picked non-fiction titles, with a focus on cookbooks that champion unique voices.

Publishing duo Nick Ascroft and Kate Wanwimolruk relocated from London to Wellington and have continued their careers in the trade. Kate edits cookbooks for publishers around the world while Nick provides expertise in digital publishing to government. They both have strong backgrounds in the industry and have worked with some of the biggest names in publishing. Kate was previously senior editor on the cookery list at Orion Publishing, London. Nick is also an accomplished author of literature and non-fiction, published here and abroad.

Damson + Beet will offer the complete package for clients who want to self-publish. Professional services range from editing, design and art direction to print management.

Alongside, their list of carefully selected non-fiction titles will embrace new media and bring fresh and talented voices to the limelight. Damson + Beet will be on the cutting
edge of food writing, looking to commission books that will appeal to a global audience.

‘The key to successful publishing is a good idea well executed. Books should be cohesively designed and photographed, and impeccably edited. When these elements work in
harmony readers are captivated. Although small, New Zealand has an incredibly diverse pool of talent in the food world that, we believe, will have international reach.’
– Kate Wanwimolruk

‘What a professional editor offers is care. The editor is neutral and brings their breadth of experience to bear in order to guide a manuscript towards the best book it can be. The editor thinks of a range of readers and of the expectations of retailers. Good editing is more important than food or air.’
– Nick Ascroft

About Damson + Beet:
A publishing services company offering:

  • Publishing consultancy, they’ll tell you how you can do it, from structural development to digital delivery.
  • Editing, proofreading, project management, book design, typesetting, indexing, pre-press and print brokering, publicity and marketing services and ebooks.
  • Bespoke packages for clients to select what they like.