Support the InsideOUT campaign, June 17-23

InsideOUT is back with our Out on the Shelves campaign week for the second year in a row. Our annual event celebrates the representation of diverse rainbow communities in books and aims to connect more rainbow young people with stories that reflect their identities and experiences.

This year, the Out on the Shelves Campaign week is June 17 – 23.

At its heart, Out on the Shelves is an online resource that helps rainbow young people find stories that mirror their identities in positive and affirming ways. The resource chronicles books with rainbow themes and characters, and encourages young people to participate by writing reviews.

Our campaign week is an opportunity for our bookstores, schools and community libraries to promote more visibility and increase awareness amongst students. During this annual event, we encourage bookstores and libraries to build and promote their rainbow collections, celebrate rainbow stories and help connect rainbow young people with these stories and with each other.

To support your involvement, we are publishing a free Out on the Shelves libraries' resources and creating suggested event guidelines, both of which will be available on our website. We hope you will order sets of free bookmarks with our recommended book lists and participate in our display competition. You can also book InsideOUT for a staff training on sexuality & gender diversity, and inclusion at your library or school!

We have a lot a planned for this year's event and would love to help your library take part. Visit for more information, or e-mail to connect with our Campaign Coordinator.