Unity’s Baby

Been into Unity Books recently? Felt like your elbow might crash a stack of fiction? Found the true meaning to the word wedge? Well, things are about to change. Stand by your shelves. Hold onto your Harry Potters and breathe easy. Unity Books is having a baby.

In response to far more beautiful books being published for children than can possibly fit on the shelves. A mini Unity Books is opening right next door to Unity Books on the corner of Vulcan lane and High Street.  The new shop will be devoted to words for the very young and nostalgia for the very old.

From Beatrix Potter through to Tolkien and hardcore teen fiction to Laura Inglis Wilder. Unity Books, famous for establishing the best and most diverse range of books, will apply the same set of standards to a specialty bookshop made just for children.

The new shop has been beautifully designed and fitted by graduate architects Sophie Edwards and Tom Dobinson. Sophie Edwards has a long affinity with the shop having been reared there quite literally on her mother’s knee. Her mother Angela Travers worked at the shop as a teenager and has had a lifelong association with the shop. She will be the new children’s book buyer and manager.

Unity Auckland’s owner Jo McColl says “This is tremendously exciting for us. We have always been committed to buying the best books we can and have only ever been limited by space. Being able to specialise means we can go deeper and wider and cater for our youngest readers. We’ll be able to give proper elbow room to the beautiful new books currently being published in this area of the market’

Opening day is planned for the beginning of September and celebrations are currently being planned. The newly refurbished Ellen Melville Hall will play a special part in tying in children’s reading activities with the new shop during the year. The city is changing; families are moving in from the suburbs.

“A city without a bookshop is like a park without a bench.” says Jo McColl”