The World of Greek Mythology, by Ben Spies

Ever wondered what the Greek myths look like through the eyes of a child? Eleven-year-old author, Ben Spies, writes his version of some of the most thrilling tales from Greek mythology. From Titans to Olympians, 'The World of Greek Mythology' delivers an action-packed retelling of the myths, from how the world was created to a personal take on some of the greatest and mightiest gods and goddesses. Ben adds his quirky humour to each chapter as we follow the drama of the legendary Trojan War and the epic voyage of Odysseus. But be warned: the gruesome world of Greek mythology is not for the faint of heart… get ready for bloody battles and horrible deaths. If you love Greek mythology, or you’re keen to learn more, this book is sure to delight and captivate your imagination.

The World of Greek Mythology
by Ben Spies
Published by Spies Publishing
ISBN: 9780473455866
RRP: $21.00
Size: 5" x 8"
Audience: 10+

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