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Exisle Publishing Ltd
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About Us

Many of our better books came from ideas that our customers came up with. We have quite a lot of book lovers who are in regular contact with us. Some just love our books, others like being involved with what we do, some wish we would publish more of this and less of that, but we all care about quality books and keeping book publishing lively and interesting.

Exisle produces the kind of books that the very big publishers do not. Exisle is more concerned about long-lasting quality and sales which continue, than just being in today’s bestsellers list. Not that we mind bestsellers, and we have a few most years, but what we really like to do is find a great subject and have it written about properly by a real expert, support them with a brilliant designer and a top editor and take the book to market.

Our authors are, of course, all completely different, but what they have in common is genuine knowledge and very vivid enthusiasm. Many of them are a lot of fun to work with and all of them enrich their readers’ lives with unique, individual stories, ideas and knowledge.

Our key people are spread across Australia and New Zealand and we print in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China. Our books are on sale in English throughout Australia and New Zealand and sometimes we produce books for American, British and South African publishers. We also sell translation rights to European, Chinese and South American publishers.

Their customer service company, Macmillan Publishers NZ Ltd, can be contacted by fax on 09-414-0352 or by phone on 09-414-0356.

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