Wild Side Publishing & Distribution

Wild Side Publishing & Distribution
Wild Side Publishing & Distribution
Dargaville, NTL
Wild Side Publishing & Distribution
574 Hoyle Road
Dargaville, NTL, 0374
New Zealand
Monday - 10am - 6pm
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About Us

Wild Side Publishing can help you self-publish your ‘print-on-demand’ paperback, ebook and audiobook. There’s no need for large, expensive print runs and storage problems. Order your own small print runs whenever you need! We specialise in cover design, text layout, author websites, Facebook business pages and digital marketing.

Our niche market is producing inspirational books that offer hope and revamping already published works in that genre. Distribution of our books is by Nationwide Book Distributors, South Pacific Books and Inspire Distribution (Christian books). See www.wildsidepublishing.com  


  • Professional cover design and text layout
  • Low-cost quotes for proofreading and printing
  • Listing your book on 39,000 outlets worldwide
  • Creating a sharp author website and Facebook page
  • Digital marketing (New Zealand and worldwide)
  • Audiobook production and worldwide distribution

Services and Categories

  • New Books
  • Children’s
  • Mind/Body/Spirit
  • Religious
  • NZ
  • Non Fiction
  • Northland