This is the form to fill out if you would like to submit your title to be considered for radio book reviews and author interviews on Radio New Zealand National’s Nine to Noon programme.

Please note: if your title makes it onto the monthly review list, you will be invoiced for $95+GST to cover the administrative costs of this benefit. 







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Reviews are broadcast daily at approximately 10:35am. Author interviews are often broadcast before the book review from about 10am. The Nine to Noon team will contact you directly if they wish to organise an author interview.

  1.  In submitting books please ensure they fall within the following criteria:
  • Nine to Noon is looking for variety, quality and uniqueness. Please do not submit reprints or new editions (unless they have been substantially changed). Books which have been previously available in New Zealand on indent only are acceptable.
  • There must be sufficient copies of the books available throughout the country so that listeners are able to purchase copies easily.
  • Titles that are part of an exclusive deal with bookshops should not be submitted until available to the entire New Zealand book trade.
  • If selected for review, publishers will be asked to guarantee that the books have been sold into the trade and will be generally available in New Zealand bookshops in time for the scheduled review date, and that stock will be available to supply any customer orders resulting from a broadcast review. 
  • Not all titles selected will be automatically reviewed. Between 17 and 23 titles are reviewed per month from thirty selected out of up to eighty submissions. Some titles may be held over for review in a later month, and re-submissions are allowed, though be aware all submission rounds go to a similar reviewer pool for selection. 
  1. The submissions are collated and forwarded to Radio New Zealand National for selection. Booksellers New Zealand is not involved in the selection process.
  2. The administration cost for each title reviewed will be $95 excl. GST. If your books are reviewed, an invoice will be sent to you at the beginning of the month after the review. A complete listing of the book review schedule is posted online at There is no charge from Booksellers New Zealand for author interviews.
  3. We ask you to complete one form per title submitted, including as much information as possible to help the Nine to Noon team make its selection. AIs can be attached to each entry directly on this form.

If any of your titles are selected for review, we will ask for two copies of each title to be sent to us for forwarding to the reviewer and interviewer. Please be aware that if review copies are not received at least two weeks prior to review date, the title will be removed from the review schedule.

Please do not submit books directly to Radio New Zealand, all books and submission forms are required to be sent to Booksellers New Zealand.

This form is due back 12 noon on the date noted above.

Contact Booksellers NZ on with any queries.


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