You are invited to submit your end-of-year releases for consideration in this year’s Summer Reading Catalogue. The 2018 catalogue is attached as reference, along with the webform below which is due back by Friday, the 12th of July.

The value
In 2018, 23 indie bookstores participated – distributing a total of 218, 590 catalogues across NZ (through newspapers, letterbox drops, mail-outs and store bag-stuffing). We are anticipating comparable numbers for 2019.

As the bookstores gear up for the Christmas season, they do in-store/window displays which provide additional exposure to your included titles when the catalogues are distributed.

All the participating booksellers are all involved in selecting the titles for the catalogue – they vote on the titles you submit, ensuring good coverage of different genre and price-points. They are aware of your end-of-year releases, even those titles that are miss the final published list in the catalogue.

The processes involved definitely increases the advertising and promotional opportunities for your key titles through some of the strongest independent bookshops nationwide. The catalogue is also a strategy to enhance the reputation of indie stores, local publishing and the unique place of independent retail in the market.

Expectations for stock levels
The customers for each indie store can vary, so we need to be reasonably flexible with our stock-level expectations. However, we strongly encourage participating stores to order a minimum of five copies of at least half the titles in the catalogue and at least one copy of every other title in the catalogue. 

Specials – a limited number of specials will be included in the catalogue. No advertising charge will apply to these titles. Specials should be available exclusively to those stores taking the catalogue, and in return stores will be expected to order a minimum of 10 of each ‘special’ title on firm sale. In previous years these specials have included deals such as ‘RRP $65, now $30’, ‘RRP $39.99, now $19’.

Catalogue format
8-page full-colour tabloid.
Front-page and back-page footers are customised for each participating store.

The costs for including your titles in the catalogue:

Standard Entry
Jacket image, 50-word description
$350 per title
92–100 positions available

Featured Entry
Larger jacket image, 'Our Pick' logo, 50-word description
$550 per title
16–21 spaces available

Specials Entry
No charge
4-6 spaces available

Note: Please let us know if you have a capped amount to spend and  we can take this into account when voting/selecting titles for publishing.

If you would like to submit over 20 titles, please feel free to upload this form and fill it out, then submit it by email to Gemma at

The timeline (provisional)
Friday 12 July - submissions deadline (this may be extended, but not by much) 
11th August – selection finalised; request for cover images
17th September – publishers to sign-off PDFs
 24-26 October – delivery to stores in time for NZ Bookshop Day

Your tasks and deadlines…

Please fill out the webform below with your titles and sales blurbs by Friday, the 12th of July (or let me know via email if you usually put in, but you’re not interested this year). Cover images can be supplied once titles have been selected and confirmed.

Both specials and ordinary submissions can be put in the form below. Please ensure you select 'Yes' if it is a special you are submitting.

Please also let me know at this time if you have a capped amount to spend, as this will play a part in determining how many of your titles we are able to include.

Submissions open on 2nd July. They close on 12th July. 

Please note that specials are to be made available and sold at a big discount, and are typically back-list titles.

Which publishing company this submission is on behalf of.

Note this needs to be 13 digits, with no dashes.

eg. Paperback (PB), Hardback (HB), Trade Paperback (TPB), Hardback with CD etc


NB Most bookshops require a 40% discount.
This is purchase price indicator.

Please keep this strictly to 50 words, to cut down on length of communication necessary as the project is nearing completion.

This is where you should point any sales points that you'd like to impart regarding the title you are putting forward.


Please give this value in $, keeping in mind the cost of each published submission.