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Our New Releases page is consistently in our top 8 most-viewed pages each month. We welcome people who wish to list their new releases here and in our well-read newsletter The Read, for a fee of $40 + GST for a month-long listing. Here's what you need to know about listing here:

This page (and our association) exists primarily for the benefit of New Zealand booksellers. If you have a title you have published physically, which you are planning only to directly sell from your own website, please consider other marketing methods. If you have an internationally-published title, place this on our site once it is available in New Zealand. 

If you have an e-book, this is fine as long as you have physical books also, that you are interested in getting booksellers to sell on your behalf. Though we are happy to link to your site for distribution, we will not allow a link to Amazon on this site. 

Earth's End Publishing announces Moa, by James Davidson

Earth's End Publishing is proud to announce our latest release, a collection of James Davidson's acclaimed children's comic book series, Moa.

The Broken Bullock Cart, by Kersie Khambatta

The Broken Bullock Cart is a simple story (with illustrations) of a boy in rural India who finds a broken bullock cart under a haystack, takes help to fix it, gets the owner of bullocks interested, and enters bullock cart races. They win and come back to a hero’s welcome at the village.
The Broken Bullock Cart
by Kersie Khambatta
Published by Mr. Kersie Khambatta.

Ori the Octopus, by Anne Helen Donnelly

Ori the Octopus likes to help his friends, he does have eight legs after all!
But what happens when his helpful ways get him all tangled up?
A fun and brightly illustrated book about friendship and helping others, with actions and craft ideas for children to enjoy.
Author’s website also has children’s videos to watch featuring book characters and free activities such as colouring in, join the dots and loads more!

Blood Ties: New and selected poems 1963–2016, by Jeffrey Holman

Blood Ties: New and selected poems 1963–2016, the latest collection by popular New Zealand poet Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, is published by Canterbury University Press this week.

Hopes Dashed? The Economics of Gender Inequality, by Prue Hyman

New book explores the economics of gender inequality in New Zealand 
In the early 2000s New Zealand could boast women simultaneously occupying its highest seats of power – Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Governor-General and Chief Executive of its largest corporate. An appropriate and fitting list for the first country where women won the vote.

The Truth about Language: What it is and where it comes from, by Michael C. Corballis

Michael Corballis answers some of the hardest questions in science – where did language come from and why do we like it so much? – with his usual verve and humour.
While birds can chirp and monkeys can chatter, only humans possess the extraordinary power to tell stories and offer explanations, to explain and persuade, to baffle and bullshit that we call language.
How come? Where did language come from? In this book, Michael Corballis takes on what has been called the hardest problem in science.

Surviving 7.8 - New Zealanders Respond to the Earthquakes of November 2016

Just after midnight on November 14th, last year, the world’s second most powerful quake of 2016 struck under the North Canterbury hills.  
It was one of the most complex earthquakes ever observed by seismologists. Huge slips slide off the sides of mountains, the coast rose by up to 6 metres, new reefs were exposed where there was only sea before, and thousands of people suddenly found themselves cut off from the rest the country. 

From the Blitz to the Burmese Jungle and Beyond, by Brian Hennessy

One man’s memoir of World War II, which took him from the Blitz to the jungles of Burma, to the devastation of Hiroshima. New Zealander Brian Hennessy’s story is published for the first time. 
‘I consider myself lucky to have survived the global carnage still myself – a reluctant soldier who had to go to war, who only ever wanted peace for everyone.’ Brian Hennessy

Bad Oil and the Animals, by L P Hansen

Heidi always dreamed of being a society photographer for the rich and famous. Instead, the sixteen-year old’s first film project plunges her into a world of subterfuge as she joins a multi-cultural group of teenage activists from the Cook Islands, China, Canada and Aotearoa New Zealand, committed to saving orangutans in the wild.
Their investigations lead them into the shadowy world of factory farming and they risk protest after protest with exhilarating success. There’s danger, disguise and daring and more than a little mischief. But when the police come calling at their school, has it been one stunt too many?