New Releases


Advertise your New Releases with Booksellers NZ – the membership association for booksellers in New Zealand – and you will reach over 500 book industry people with your listing, including over 200 bookstore managers.

If you are a member of the public, you are welcome to advertise at a cost of $40 + GST per listing, which will go here and into our weekly newsletter. If you are an Associate Member, you are invited to submit your 10 key titles for free advertising.

This page (and our association) exists primarily for the benefit of New Zealand booksellers. If you have a title you have published physically, which you are planning only to directly sell from your own website, please consider other marketing methods. If you have an internationally-published title, place this on our site once it is available in New Zealand. If you have published an e-book, this is fine as long as you also have physical books that you are interested in getting booksellers to sell on your behalf. Though we are happy to link to your site for distribution, we will not allow a link to Amazon on this site.

Please create a user account, then fill out this submission form to enter your book title in this list. Please note we require all the standard information from a book sales sheet, plus a high-res cover image, for each book. You will see examples below.