The Booksellers Exchange Card system is a sales aid to booksellers for those customers who want to buy a book as a gift but who are unsure whether the book is appropriate or may already have been read. To work to its full advantage, it is important that all bookshops belonging to BSNZ accept these exchange cards. When a customer wants to exchange a title purchased from another bookseller for one of your own, they must present the book to be exchanged (in mint condition) together with the completed Exchange Card.

Completing a Card – When you complete a card for a customer, the price code reflects the price paid for the book. For example, price $14.95 - the code you enter on the card is 1495. If the price is $7.95 the code will be 0795.

By accepting an exchanged book you have nothing to lose. If your book’s value is greater than the one the customer returns, the customer pays the difference. If the book’s value is less customers are advised on the Exchange Card that no money will be returned or credit given. The exchanged book can then be added to your sales stock.

Should the book be a title you do not wish to stock, you have the right to return the book to the bookseller who originally sold it with an invoice for the cost of the book: (retail less 35% +10% + freight).
Please note that very few books returned would fall into this category – and please consider phoning the store you intend to invoice in advance of returning the book. All members should offer and honour the Exchange Cards to the value of the original purchase price noted on the card.