Booksellers New Zealand fosters a strong, efficient and professional book industry. We represent over 90 percent of New Zealand booksellers.

A key focus of Booksellers New Zealand is book promotion; increasing the sales of books. We also manage New Zealand's book awards. We organise exciting nationwide events, promoting the enjoyment and importance of reading books; and actively develop opportunities for exposing books through television, radio and the print media.

More about Booksellers New Zealand
Our Board of Directors

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Physical address
Level 13
Grand Arcade
16-20 Willis Street
Wellington 6100

Postal address
Booksellers NZ
Featherston Street
PO Box 25033
Wellington 6011
Phone  04 472 1908
Fax       04 472 1912

General enquiries

Token orders for bookshops

Awards enquiries
(04) 815 8363

Awards media enquiries - journalists only
Adrienne Olsen, Adroite Communications
P: 04 496 5513
M: 029 286 3650

Our Team
Lincoln Gould

Chief Executive Officer

Megan Dunn
Project Manager

Sarah Forster
Web Editor

Amie Lightbourne
Awards Manager

Cherie Donovan
Association Manager

Fiona Stewart
Finance Manager

Membership Services
Our diverse membership services range from those assisting with business operating costs, through to those increasing industry knowledge and professionalism.

We offer advice and industry information, generate opportunities for debating industry issues, lobby Government and have a key role in ensuring industry awareness and visibility. We work closely with other arts sector groups and book organisations, the media and sponsors.

These membership services ensure members gain value far outweighing the cost of their membership. Join Booksellers New Zealand.

Booksellers Tokens
 are New Zealand's only book token redeemable nationwide at bookseller members (please note Whitcoulls and The Warehouse do not sell or redeem Booksellers Tokens). Booksellers Tokens are a secure industry backed gift voucher managed by Book Tokens (NZ) Ltd, a subsidiary company of Booksellers New Zealand.

Booksellers New Zealand (Inc) and Book Tokens (NZ) Ltd are lead by two boards of directors

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