Founded in 1920, Booksellers NZ is a national not-for-profit trade organization that works to help independently owned and chain bookstores to grow and succeed. Booksellers NZ provides education, information, business products, and services; creates relevant programs; and engages in public policy and industry advocacy.  A volunteer board of 8 booksellers governs the Association.

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Physical address
Level 13
Grand Arcade
16-20 Willis Street
Wellington 6100

Postal address
Booksellers NZ
PO Box 25033
Featherston Street
Wellington 6146

General enquiries
Phone  04 472 1908
Fax       04 472 1912

Membership enquiries

Partnership & high-level enquiries

Token orders for bookshops and corporates

Booksellers NZ staff

Lincoln Gould
Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Forster
Media & Communications Manager

Jane Arthur
Membership & Marketing Manager

Linda Hudson
Accountant, Illumen

Booksellers NZ and Book Tokens Board

Booksellers New Zealand (Inc) and Book Tokens (NZ) Ltd are lead by two boards of directors

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